Periodic maintenance

Monthly Fire Inspections

Monthly Fire Test & Inspection as per fire code:

  • Test on one manual station on one fire alarm zone rotating different zones every month
  • Confirming the Alarm receipt on the main and annunciator fire panel
  • Confirming the Signal Circuit Sounding on the same floor which is activated for the alarm
  • Test of one water flow alarm, and one supervisory shut off zone rotating different zones every month

Quarterly Inspection will include

  • Testing & confirmation of the monitoring station signal (transmit & receive)
  • Testing for the alternate recall and regular recalls for the elevators in alarm state
  • Testing of the exhaust fans, MUA fan/s, Upper / Lower stair fans, and opening of the MAG-lock doors in the alarm state

Note: Monthly re-racking of fire hoses and the tagging of fire extinguishers is not included and will be priced as an extra if requested by the customer.

Quarterly Fire Inspections
Semi Annual Fire Inspections
Semi Annual CO Calibration
Semi Annual Generator Service
Annual Fire Inspections

Annual Testing & Inspection Of Fire Alarm System will Be Performed In Accordance With The ULC S536-04, The fire code & Local Fire Department Standards.

  • Test All Manual Pull Stations
  • Test All Signalling Devices
  • Test All Heat/Fire Detectors
  • Test All Smoke Detectors
  • Test All Duct Detectors
  • Test All Flow Switches
  • Test All Tamper Switches
  • Test All Pressure Switches
  • Test All Control Units
  • Perform A Complete Check Of All Annunciation Points
  • Inspect In-suite Smoke Alarm Inspection & Other Related Devices
  • Supply Complete Report & Certificates

SCOPE OF WORK FOR FIRE SPRINKLER SYSTEM ANNUAL TEST Annual Testing & Inspection Of Sprinkler Systems (Dry, Wet & Standpipe) will Be Performed In Accordance With National Fire Protection Association Standard 13A, The fire code.

  • Test Sprinkler Alarms Wet Systems Through Inspectors Test Valves
  • Test Water Supply Through Sprinkler Drain & Record Normal & Flowing Pressure
  • Test Operations Of Excess Pressure Pumps & Air Compressors
  • Test Supervisory Alarm Devices (Tamper Switches & Low Pressure Switches)
  • Inspect To Ensure Control Valves Are Open & Sealed
  • Test Antifreeze Solution If Applicable
  • Trip Test Of Dry Sprinkler System (Dry Trip Only)
  • Inspect Priming Water Level In Dry Pipe Valves.
  • Remove Plugs From Fire Dept Pumper Connection For Accessibility
  • Re-secure Plugs Wrench Tight
  • Check Fire Department Pumper Connection For Accessibility
  • Clan Strainer In Alarm Line To Mechanical Sprinkler Alarm
  • Lubricate Water Motor Gong
  • Inspect Exposed Sprinkler Piping & Hangers For Good Repair
  • Inspect Sprinkler Heads Where Visible From Floor That They Appear Free From Damage, Corrosion, Grease Dust Paint Or Whitewash & Recommended Replacement Where Necessary
  • Check If Any Sprinkler Heads Need Guards To Protect Against Possibility Of Mechanical Damage
  • Inspect Premises For Obstruction For Omission Of Sprinklers
  • Check Supply Of Spare Sprinkler & Wrench & Ambient Temperature In Valve Enclosures
  • Supply Complete Inspection Reports & Comments

SCOPE OF WORK FOR FIRE STANDPIPE, AND HOSE SYSTEM ANNUAL TEST Annual Test and Inspection of Fire Pump, stand-pipe system and Hose System will be performed in accordance with the NFPA 13 Standards

  • The fire pump shall be tested at full rated capacity to ensure that they are capable to work at the rated flow level.
  • Flow and pressure tests of each standpipe shall be conducted at the highest psi level and hose valve and/or hose connection will be inspected to ensure that the water supply for standpipes is satisfactory.
  • Plugs or caps on tire department connections shall be removed annually and the inspected for wear, rust, and obstruction. Re-secure plugs or caps, wrench tight.
  • Hose valves shall be inspected to ensure that they are tight to ensure that there is m leakage into the hose.

SCOPE OF WORK FOR PORTABLE FIRE EXTINGUISHERS ANNUAL INSPECTION Annual Inspection Of Portable Fire Extinguishers & Fire Hoses will Be Performed In Accordance With NFPA #10 & 14 & The fire code Regulations

  • Located In Designated Area
  • No Obstruction To Access Or Visibility
  • Operating Instructions Or Name Plate Legible & Facing Outward
  • Determine Fullness By Weighing
  • Examine For Obvious Physical Damage Corrosion Leakage Or Clogged Nozzle
  • Pressure Gauge Reading Or Indicator In The Operation Range Or Position
  • Check Release Pin For Remove-ability
  • Replace Seal
  • Check Maintenance Dates Of Hydrostatic Testing & 6-Yar Maintenance & Record
  • Verify Serial Number & Record
  • Re-Racking Of Hoses
  • Supply Complete Inspection Reports & Comments

SCOPE OF WORK FOR EMERGENCY LIGHTING AND EXIT SIGNS ANNUAL TEST Annual Testing & Inspection Of Emergency Lighting System will Be Performed In Accordance With CSA Standards & The fire code 2.7.3

  • All Units & Exit Signs Will Be Tested, Inspected & Activated
  • All Batteries Will Be Checked For Proper Voltages & Connections
  • Battery Terminals Will Be Checked For Corrosion
  • Bulbs, Remote Heads & Lens Will Be Checked & Tested
  • A Power Failure Will Be Simulated To Ensure Proper Transfer Of Voltages To Batteries
  • Record All Readings & Supply The Complete Annual Testing Report

SCOPE OF WORK FOR ALL DEVICES END OF LINE ANNUAL TEST The Test And Inspection Of EOL Supervision As Per New Addition To fire code Will Be Carried Out as per this quotation.

100% of the end of line devices for all fire alarm system, sprinkler system and standpipe system and other auxiliaries systems, monitoring station signalling, will be tested for activation in fire alarm control panel.

Annual CO Calibrations
Annual Generator Load Testing