Advance Fire Control has the products, services and experience to deliver comprehensive fire and life-safety solutions for the commercial sector. We help protect people and property in office complexes, high-rise towers, corporate campuses, malls and retail businesses throughout Canada. We handle new construction projects as well as retrofits and upgrades.

Our capabilities for commercial facilities encompass the full Advance Fire Control portfolio: fire alarm, fire sprinkler, fire suppression, emergency communications, integrated security, and special hazards systems and services. We provide everything from small, standalone systems to networked, enterprise-wide solutions. For those networked solutions, we can provide advanced life-safety information management systems that monitor and control multiple panels and buildings from a single location.

We complement our fire and life-safety systems with high-quality testing, inspection, maintenance, repair and central monitoring services. Rather than take a one-size-fits-all approach to the life-safety challenges in the commercial market, Advance Fire Control customizes our solutions to fit your needs, schedule and budget. We even offer competitive financing options for qualified projects.

Advance Fire Control has been serving many Catholic and Public School Boards for the last 17 years in Canada in the field of Fire Protection Certifications. During the inspections we take extra care of the field devices, exits of the schools and especially the sounding devices in the class-rooms and gymnasium. We also make sure to check the sound dB levels since in various areas like cafeteria and etc the ambient sound levels are much higher

In the past 17 years we have also upgraded the fire alarm systems when the school adds portables during the expansion projects. We laid down under ground cables with extra care and protection to provide mandatory fire alarm protection.

Government (Municipal/Provincial/Federal)
Throughout many municipalities in Canada from City of Peterborough to City Niagara Falls a and all the way till City of Windsor, Advance Fire Control has served in various facilities like as follows:

City Halls, Metro Halls, Exhibition Place, Union Station, Civic Centres, EMS Stations, Fire Stations, Police Stations including the Head Quarters, Senior Living Homes, Child Day Cares, and many more

Gaming and lottery facilities
We have successfully achieved the license of AGCO (Association of Gaming Commission of Ontario) and become one of the very few firm in Ontario who provides the fire protection works in the Lottery facilities. We provided services to Casino Niagara in the past and worked successfully on the Siemens and Edwards fire alarm systems.

Advance Fire Control is proud to provide fire suppression systems and fire extinguishers services for the following hospitals

  • University Hospital
  • Victoria Hospital
  • Many more facilities attached to the two hospitals

Advance Fire Control has managed to provide touch of class service to the printing, chemical and some other plants.

In the industrial sector we take extra care of the various systems since the tolerance of mistakes is very less and the systems must be up and running at all times to provide fool proof protection for the life and property of the plants. Especially for the confined spaces where the chances of mishaps are very high.

High-Rise Residential
Since 1993, Advance Fire Control is providing a specialised service to the high rise apartment buildings and Condos up to 45 storey towers with a quantity ranging somewhere 500 locations.